Home Remedies for Intense Nourishment

Even if you can’t afford to have high-end moisturizing creams, you can still have the opportunity to reap the benefits of a good moisturizer right in the comfort of your home. And believe me, a moisturizer you whipped it out by yourself will make your skin look just as good as the ones with expensive creams. Read on to know more.

It’s no secret that honey is fabulous for both as a moisturizer and facial mask for your skin. Thanks to it’s humectant nature, honey draws up water vapor from the air and binds it to your skin, to keep them supple and hydrated. Plus honey is also anti-bacterial, making it perfect to kill off germs that’s been sitting on your face. Reap the benefits by simply applying  a warmed honey (for easier application) onto the skin, before washing it off with warm water.

If you want, mix honey with any of these ingredients to make a potent moisturizing pack. For example, with mashed banana for moisturizing and exfoliation combo – perfect for aging skin; you can also use with mashed apple (also for anti-aging, thanks to AHAs) or cucumber for a cooling effect; and especially for dry skin ladies, mix a teaspoon of warm honey with mashed avocado for intense nourishment – the fruit contains more than 25 vitamins, minerals, and oils – a perfect cocktail for flaky and chapped skin.

Olive or coconut oil makes a handy moisturizer as it’s full of nourishing ingredients to keep your skin moisturized. Trust me, I’ve been using olive for years and I can honestly say that my skin looks damn good. As it’s obviously oily and sticky, you only need to use a tiny bit of it and apply all over your face with warmed hands (to make the oil absorb faster). Leave it for a couple of minutes before applying makeup or loose powder. For best results, apply as soon as you’re done with bath/shower.

Milk or milk-based products such as cold cream is also lovely as a moisturizing ingredient. Thanks to its lactic acid, milk is simply nourishing and gently exfoliates the skin for a newer you. Tip, soak yourself in a milk bath once a week and you’ll see a big difference it made for your skin. Milk bath is  actually a beauty secret of Asian women to have a supple skin, and even Cleopatra’s too. You can read up all about these ingredients and more by checking out the dermatology blog

I’ve been doing these home remedies and it’s undoubtedly will make a huge difference for your skin (yep, people have been giving me compliments on my skin!). But alas, a bit of consistency and elbow grease is essential for you to see the difference yourself. Try it out, you won’t regret it.

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