Eating Low Fat Diet Can Make you Gain Weight

Sounds ironic, right? When it comes to losing weight, it takes more than avoiding fat like plague and eating only low-fat varieties to slim down. The key is actually to watch how many calories you’re taking in by eating and losing it more through working out.

Long ago when fat is said to be the culprit of health and obesity problems that has been on the rise for years, ad campaigns promoting the public that you need to avoid fat at all costs if you want to keep in shape.  And it’s a well-known point that since eating foods packed with fats makes you gain weight, the opposite can be beneficial if you want to shed some pounds – no quite true though. Here’s why.

Believe it or not, low-fat foods can actually make you hungry afterwards as foods that have less to no fat get digested quickly. Fat doesn’t only make you fat (unless you eat more than what you should have) but it triggers your body to produce hormone cholecystokinin, to make you feel full after the meal.

Plus, without the fat needed to slow down blood sugar from spiking in the bloodstream, overeating within the next hour can be the aftermath: based on the study conducted at University Food and Brand Lab where people who follow low-fat regime tend to consume 28% extra calories.

Fat have been used widely in food products to add flavor and texture to food (think rich ice cream) to make them more delicious and aesthetically pleasing. So if the fat gets cut out for low-fat foods, manufacturers need to compensate by adding blocks of sugar in the food products to maintain the flavor – which means extra carbs and these excess carbs gets eventually stored into your body as fat.

Simply put your body needs fat for various body functions – such as nutrient transport and absorption, cell membranes, as well as for regulating hormones – thus shunting them out is not really the solution to lose weight.

Cutting off bad fats while focusing on good ones (poly and monounsaturated fats) such as olive, almonds, and canola oil is what you need to have in your everyday diet. These oils not only provide your tastebuds needs, but also to lower bad cholesterol, clearing out arteries, and even keeping the brain happy.

Plus: people who do add fat (we mean healthy ones) in their diet lose significant weight and keeping their ideal weight for longer.

The solution? Not having bad fats and instead healthy ones with low carb diet is what you need to lose weight.

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